How to pay?

You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard. After the completion of your order, you'll be redirected to a secured payment window serviced by Cloudpayments to fill in your card details. After the payment is completed, you'll receive an e-mail with order confirmation.

How safe it is to pay with my credit card?

Don’t worry, it's all safe. All transactions are processed in accordance with the requirements by Visa International, Mastercard and other payment systems. The processing center of CloudPayments secures and processes the data with a PCI DSS 3.0 safety standard. The data is then passed to payment gate using SSL encryption technology, and for additional verification 3D Secure authentification is used. CloudPayments do not store or pass your card details to us or any other party. All in all, you don't have to worry about safety, its been taken care of quite seriously. In case you have any questions about the transaction please reach CloudPayments' customer service at

Do you accept cash?

Unfortunately, we don't accept cash payments.

What are the delivery methods?

We thought you may have few questions about the delivery so we made a separate page «Sizes & Delivery»

How long will it take to receive my order?

Due to the human nature of our business, we process orders only on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00. Orders received during the weekend will be processed on Monday. Usually it takes up to two days, after that an order is handed over for delivery.

EMS delivery within Moscow usually takes up to two working days, please see details in «Sizes & Delivery». Delivery time may increase before the holidays, but we’ll inform you about that and make all efforts so that you won’t need to wait for long.

What are your sizes? How do I know my size?

We made a separate section about choosing a right size – please refer to “Sizes & Shipping”.

What do I do if I got the wrong size?

In this case, you can exchange it to the one that suits you better, if available. For this to happen, please treat your purchase with care – do not tear off the tags, break the box, or crumple the certificate. Remember, according to the Terms of Sales, to which you have agreed when you’ve made an order, we can refuse to exchange if the goods or the package is not in its original condition.

Can I return the goods?

Yes, if you're in Russia you have 14 days to do so. However, it'll only be possible if your purchase is in its original condition. Otherwise, we have a right to refuse the return. Drop us an e-mail and we'll handle it from there.

How many items are in each series?

The number of items varies and will be mentioned in the description. For example, VHS and Directors series will be limited to 100 t-shirts only. You can also find it in our certificate of autheticity which accompanies every item.

Can I choose some specific number?

Unfortunately, due to production peculiarities, we can not offer you this possibility at the moment.

How can I be sure the series are truly limited?

How can I be sure the series are truly limited?

We'd like to be honest with you, its our reputation at stake. Please refer to «Why limited» to find out why limited edition is an important part of our brand's concept.

Besides, each item is individually numbered and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity. Should you wish to check it, try finding other happy owners through the hashtag in Instagram. By the way, there's no other brand who can offer you such a possibility.

You won't ever repeat the series, would you?

No we won't. However, we remain the right to use same characters or ideas in different execution. But we assure you, there won't ever be two identical items.

Can I order something as a gift?

Absolutely, and we encourage you to do so. Out package is top-notch, so that you won't need to worry about how great your gift looks – you friend will love it for sure.